Tips To Find A Cheap Flight Seat


Seat upgrades are becoming common these days. If you are thinking airline companies will give it to you for free, you are getting it wrong. They prefer to sell business class tickets than giving them to travelers without getting money in return. However, you might find companies and cabin crews who offer seat upgrades for cheap prices or even for free. To qualify, you need to be mindful of a few things including your manners and your appearance. For those who are looking for easy ways to get an affordable flight seat upgrade, here’s what you need to do.

1.Inquire about paid upgrades

When checking-in, you can ask the airline personnel if there are available upgrade seats. This is the fastest and simplest way to upgrade because you will pay for it at a cheaper price unlike when you buy it ahead of time. Airline companies usually offer upgrades when there are remaining seats and there are no people who will occupy them. Don’t miss this chance!

2.Use your points or miles

Another way you can get a cheap seat upgrade is when you purchase points or miles directly from the airline. Companies give more freebies to their clients and those who patronize their services other than buying tickets. Do not buy points from other websites or else, you won’t get an upgrade.

3.Stay loyal to the airline company

Loyal customers are rewarded frequently. One way you can get an affordable seat upgrade is by staying loyal to the airline company. When you become a member of the frequent-flier program of the company you are using, the tendency for you to save points and rewards is very likely. So, if you are aiming to get more seat upgrades in the future, stay loyal and be a member.

4.Be polite

Whether you are talking to a manager or an average cabin crew, you need to be polite at all times. Do not be pushy with the airline personnel if you want an upgrade. Most of the time, they are ones who decide who will get the upgrade or not. If you are kind, you will likely receive a cheap upgrade or even a free one. Just don’t forget to give them treats like souvenirs and chocolates in return.

5.Travel on weekends

Weekends have more vacant seats than weekdays because businessmen usually travel Mondays to Fridays. If you are only interested in free upgrades and don’t mind the schedule of the flight, ready yourself to travel more on weekends.

6.Dress properly

Dress according to the seat you want to get. Travelers who are under the economy class are usually dressed casually so if you dress like them, you will just stay in that category. Upgrade your fashion by dressing up as a first-class traveler so you would end up getting the seat upgrade.

7.K-Y-Z fares

Also known as Easy-Up fare, K-Y-Z fares are a last-minute sale of airline tickets. You can get this via travel agents only since airlines companies don’t market this kind of sale.