Top 10 Safest Countries For a Family Vacation


Retirement is everyone’s dream. After many years of hard work, you can only enjoy the privileges in life when you quit your job. Whether you receive a million dollars or less, you deserve to be in a place of your preference where you can continue living your life as a legend. For those who are looking forward to relocating outside the United States, you should consider finding the best alternative countries. The International Living’s Global Retirement Index has given more than one country as your option for retirement. Even if you came from the farthest corner of the world, you can also use this list as your guide to finding your perfect home.

1.Costa Rica

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The top of the list is Costa Rica. This country is ideal for retirees because of its gentle climate, beautiful beaches, and must-view landscapes. Plus, it has a simple process of migration. You just need at least $1,000 per month to be able to experience a high quality of life.